Art Journal – Enjoying the Process


When I began art journaling, my primary goal was to enjoy the process.  I didn’t want to worry about what other people thought, or even whether or not I liked each page.  I wanted to play, explore, and create — and let the process itself be my pleasure.  As a perfectionist, it has been hard, at times, to keep that perspective.  So every now and then, I remind myself — as I did with this page.

I like the way the book page shows through the background of this page here and there.  I used inks, paints, stencils, collage, rubber stamping, transfers, and stickers to create this arrangement.  The title words “Enjoying the Process” were torn from a magazine.  A few strips of “flaming” washi tape added pops of colour, and a black sharpie provided some loose definition around the edge and some of the elements.

Like life, art journaling is a step-by-step process.  The beauty is in enjoying the journey along the way, rather than waiting until we arrive at our destination to be fulfilled.


2 responses to “Art Journal – Enjoying the Process

  1. Always enjoy looking through your journal pages Janni. Beautiful and cohesive. Each of my pages are radically different as I explore and are inspired by other people’s art.

  2. I love that u explain how u put it all together! It is flustrating when u can’t tell how someone gets to the finished page/especially when u r a beginner. Thank you

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