Art Journal: Tunnel Pages

This looks like one scene, but the right side of the page is actually a “tunnel” page.  You’re actually seeing FOUR pages that have been cut out and layered together to form one overall picture.  When all four are shown together, they create a unified scene!

Here’s a brief video that shows this page in action:

The trick in creating this type of page is to plan it ahead of time so the layers will all work together.  I wanted each layer to look good on both the left and right side of the page, so that no matter which page you’re looking at, it looks attractive across the whole spread.

I used a craft knife and metal ruler, along with a pair of precision scissors, to cut away the parts of the page that I didn’t want while keeping the border around each page, and the featured image that I wanted on each (house, tree, and hill).  I purposely spaced the border around each page to be of varying widths, starting with a narrow border, and progressively getting thicker.  That way, the borders themselves “nest” when you look at all 4 pages together — and you see the various layers more clearly.

Below are scans of each layer, starting with the “house” layer:

Here’s the “tree” layer:

And the “hill” layer:

Lastly, here’s the “sun” layer:

Notice how each page stands alone as an attractive arrangement, but when they are all stacked together, they make a complete scene showing house, tree, hill and sun!

This page was a lot of fun to make, and will definitely be something I try again!


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