Art Journal – Pocket Page

Pockets are fun to add here and there — and they provide a way to insert loose items into an art journal, as I have done here.  I created this pocket by cutting the right page in half, and then securing the top and bottom with double-sided tape.  Voila!

Throughout this art journal, I re-introduced photos and images that I had torn out of the book during “thinning” (when I reduce the number of pages in the book, allowing room to add new goodies).  The image on the left is an example of this.  I cut this image from a page torn out of this book, and then glued it back in elsewhere.

The background of this page was made using Distress inks, a blending tool, and a stencil.  I added washi tapes and vintage postage stamps, and rubber stamped cancellation marks onto some of the stamps to anchor them visually to the page.

The two slide-out images (contained in the pocket) have “pulls” on them: one made using the Tim Holtz Tag Press, and the other made from a punch.  The top image of a vintage car was another photograph cut from the book; the lower one is a Tim Holtz “Found Relatives” card.  I love all things Tim Holtz!


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