Art Journal – A Rough Wind


I made this art journal page today, inspired by many of the “blackout poetry” examples I have seen on Pinterest.  I started by circling words on the page that could be joined together to make a sentence — using pencil at first, so I could erase false starts.  When I had chosen the words I would use, I outlined them with a black sharpie.  As I thought about the meaning of the words (“He intended to see if any faces shifted, as though a rough wind was confronting him”), I wanted to portray the idea of WIND blowing onto a FACE.  I traced a silhouette from a found image onto the page, and used a black watercolour pencil blended with a watery paint brush to fade the colour away from the words and image.  I used  a stencil, blending tool, and gray Distress ink to provide light and mid-tone tongues of wind.

This was a fun experiment!  I look forward to trying other forms of blackout poetry in the future!


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