Art Journal Page – “Love, Give, Trust, Listen”

Art Journal Love Give Trust

This is one of those pages where an “accident” turned out to be a happy mistake!

The background was made using several colours of Distress ink applied with blending tools and stencils.  I applied washi tape to the page, didn’t like the way it looked, so tried to remove it.  Washi tape is normally low tack, so it pulls off without damaging the page — but not this time!  When I pulled it off, it tore the top layer of paper off with it!  In the end, I love the streaky, textured look that the tears provided.

I used Distress ink colours applied with blending tools to colourize the text portions of this page, and collaged them on.  I rubberstamped and doodled around the text blocks and here and there on the page.  Lastly, I drew a wavy black border around the page and coloured the area outside the line black using a Sharpie.

This page is one of several that proves the point: there’s no way to “ruin” an art journal page. If something goes wrong, I’ve learned to keep moving forward with it.  In the end, my “accident” might turn into a happy mistake!


2 responses to “Art Journal Page – “Love, Give, Trust, Listen”

  1. Don’t you love a happy accident like that? It’s how I have found some of the techniques that I used all the time now.

    I also love the message in the quotes on this page. Good to keep in mind! Love your work 🙂

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