Art Journal Page – “Catch the Wave”

Art Journal catch the wave

Layers, layers, layers — that’s the secret to this art journaling page!

The background layer was made using a light misting of sprayed Dylusions ink, followed by some stenciling with Distress Ink using a blending tool.  Then I added some white Gesso applied through a stencil with a credit card.   I added additional gesso with my finger so it was whiter in some areas than others.

Collage came next, using words cut from magazines and washi tape in various shades of green.  I added a black crystal to dot the “I” in AIR and as a period on the right page.

To create a border around the page, I scribbled a crooked black line (I prefer drawing crooked lines because they are easier to draw than straight ones!)  I then used a green sharpie to shade in the outer edge up to the black line.  Sometimes a page doesn’t look right until it has some kind of border around it — and this was one of those cases.

Like many of my pages, this one originally stuck together when I close the art journal, so I used a white candle much like a large crayon to “draw” all over the page.  The candle wax beautifully prevents the pages from sticking together.


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