Art Journal Page – “Spring Breezes”

Art Journal spring

I was thinking of spring when I made this page: soft breezes, flowers, sunshine, light, and warmth all came to mind, so that’s what I tried to portray in this page.  Sometimes, art journaling is more about capturing a mood, a moment, or a random thought than it is about trying to say something profound. 

This page was made from start to finish in one sitting — a rare thing for me!  I knew I wanted to use the floral sticker, so I selected colours that would closely match it, and used them to create the background using acrylic paint applied with baby wipes.  I let one colour overlap another, making sure that each colour was repeated at least once or twice on both sides of the page.  I added the sticker on the right side of the page, but it looked too stark.  (It looked like a sticker!)  So to incorporate it into the page, I selected tan paint that closely matched the tan colour of the sticker’s background and applied it through punchinella (sequin waste) with a sponge.  I also added touches of blue background paint over the edges of the sticker.  In other words, I brought the sticker’s background out — and the page’s background in — to blur the line where the page ends and the sticker begins.   

Final embellishments included a couple strips of washi tape and a small floral image.  I rubberstamped the word “Spring” and then hand wrote the other words on the page.




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