Art Journal Page – “New Endings”

Art Journal make a new ending

“No one can go back and make a new start, but anyone can start now and make a new ending.”  Not only do I like this quote for life in general, but it also applies to art journaling!

This is one of many pages that I started without any particular plan in mind.  I wanted to use a sample tube of some old house paint in a very dark blue colour that I got for free somewhere —  so I slathered it on.  I achieved the “rusty” look with Viva Decor’s 3D Stemple paint, which is metallic and slightly sparkle (I applied It through a stencil in some places, and with my finger in others).  The black dots are rubberstamped using Archival ink.

The words on this page were printed from my computer on regular white paper.  I cut out the individual words (purposely cutting them at slightly off angles) and colourized them with Distress Ink applied with a blending tool.  To emphasize key words, I printed them larger, coloured them darker, and hand drew black borders around them.

What you can’t see in the image above is that between the left and right sides of the page, there’s actually a third page with a window opening cut into it (filled with fake “glass” — which is actually a plastic transparency piece).  The “window” page flips back and forth to frame the left side of the page or the right side of the page (in the image, I show it on the right).  This bit of interaction draws the viewer into the book, and makes the page more special.

Art journaling is one way to celebrate favorite quotes, as I did with this page.  I collect meaningful quotes and keep them handy so I can use them when the inspiration strikes, as it did with this page.


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