Art Journal Page – “Everyday Forever”

Art Journal everyday forever

Purple and yellow are opposites on the colour wheel — so they provide good contrast to each other on this page.

The background was made with two different shades of purple acrylic paint applied with a baby wipe.  I purposely didn’t try to blend the two purples much, but left them streaky.  I applied the floral sticker on the left side of the page, and the word “everyday” (torn from a magazine) on the right side.  I sponged yellow acrylic paint through a stencil, overlapping the edges of the sticker to help blend it into the page.  I added several postage stamps and some rubber stamping to complete the page.  I often add a border to the edges of my pages, but this one looked fine without it.

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I often apply paint or ink through stencils, but I haven’t yet discussed clean up.  Distress inks (my favorite kind of ink pads) are reactive with water, so no matter how “dry” they are or how long I wait to clean them, they will always wash clean with water.  So there’s no hurry; I wash them in the sink and they come clean.  But clean up is trickier when I use acrylic paint, which washes off with water while it’s still wet, but once dry, it has permanent, plastic-like qualities to it that resist water.  So anytime I use acrylic paint with stencils (as I did on this page), it’s important to immediately run to the sink and wash the paint off before it dries.


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