Art Journal Page – “Natural Instinct”

Art Journal natural instinct

Sometimes, unexpected colour combinations create eye-catching results.  Purple and green may not be a traditional combination — but I think it works here.

This background was created from acrylic paint applied with a baby wipe, followed by Distress Ink applied through a stencil with a blending tool.  I used a credit card to smear white gesso directly to the page, and also pressed gesso through a stencil to achieve the white circles.  I added purple washi tape, a little rubber stamping, words torn from a magazine, and some handwritten journaling.

A couple of notes:

1.  Washi tape is not very sticky, so I often have problems getting it to stay on the page.  If it curls off, I apply a drop of Glossy Accents adhesive, spread it out with my finger, and press the washi tape back into position.  Glossy Accents dries quickly and holds the washi tape in place from then on.

2.  Like acrylic paint, gesso can cause the pages to stick together when dry.  So I “wax” both sides of the page by rubbing a white candle on it.  The wax feels nice to the touch and prevents the pages from sticking.


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