Art Journal Page – “Lighten Up”

Art Journal lighten up

Layers — that’s what this page is all about.   I started with cream-coloured acrylic paint applied with a baby wipe to the background, and then added layer upon layer.  Here are some of the elements that went into this page:

* Collaged paper scraps and postage stamps

* White gesso applied with the edge of a credit card

* Large bubble wrap impressions made with orange acrylic paint

* Small bubble wrap impressions made with white paint

* Rubber stamping with black Archival ink

* Washi tape

* Words cut from magazines

After applying layers using these materials, I tied it all together by drawing a wavy black outline around the entire page with a black Sharpie and then colouring outside the line with an orange Sharpie.

Layers — a fun way to art journal!


3 responses to “Art Journal Page – “Lighten Up”

  1. So great! Awesome message too! I love seeing your posted pages.

    How do you find your sharpie reacts over the acrylic paint? I have tried this but my sharpie tends to get clogged up. It could be my acrylics, they have been around for a while. Do you put a clear layer in between the acrylic and sharpie? I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem too.

    Anyway… Thanks again for sharing your work. 😀

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