Art Journal Page – “Negatives”

Art Journal Negatives

“Life is like photography; you need the negatives to develop”.

The background for this page was created using acrylic paint with stencils.  In some cases, I sponged the paint through the stencil, and in other cases, I applied the paint to the stencil and pressed it onto the page as if the stencil was a rubber stamp.

Because the background colours were so vibrant, I didn’t want to add colour to the top layers, so I used a black-and-white palette.  I collaged two photos of my son Steven with two different sizes of filmstrip, added some washi tape and photo corners, and then doodled using a black pen.  To make the words pop, I drew around them with a gray pen.

I love the way this page turned out.  The colours and arrangement feel “right” to me.  But more importantly, this page reminds me that sometimes the negative things that happen to us help us to turn into the wonderful people that we are today.  My son is an example of that.  (I’m proud of you, Steven!)


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