Art Journal Page – “Dream Big”

Art Journal Dream Big

A lot of layers went into making this page!

The background was made with acrylic paint applied with a baby wipe.  Next, I used a blending tool to apply yellow Distress Ink through a hexagonal stencil.  I rubberstamped through the openings in the stencil using a word stamp and black Distress ink.  I created black and orange borders using washi tape.  The words “Dream” and “Big” were stenciled on using black ink and white paint.  I added white “bubbles” with white acrylic paint applied with a bottlecap.  Lastly, I added 3D Stemple paint applied with a sponge through a stencil resulting in almost a fish-skin-type finish.

I like the message this page portrays, as well as the layers it took to get there.  Dream big!


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