Art Journal Page – “Unique Never Looked So Good”

Art Journal  - Unique Never Looked So Good

I love this colour combination: white, black, purple and blue.  The background for this page was done a long time ago with acrylic paints applied with baby wipes.  Yesterday, I added all the other elements starting with the magazine words and eyeball image.  I added two different colours of washi tape, along with some black acrylic paint applied through punchinella (sequin waste).  The white and blue rings are acrylic paint applied with bottle caps and jar lids.  I doodled with a black pen, added some white splotches with my fingertip, and applied a dimensional butterfly sticker (it’s wings really “flap” when you turn the page).

Lastly, I drew a wavy line around the edge of the page with a black sharpie and coloured outside the line with a blue sharpie.  I also added blue sharpie to the iris of the eye image to make it more intense.  I like the message:  “A little unique, just like you . . . unique never looked so good!”

I’m teaching a class on Thursday, December 19th, called “Art Journaling with Magazines” — this is one example of what can be done using both words and images cut from magazines.  The possibilities are endless!


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