Art Journal – “Fact or Fiction”

Art Journal - Fact or Fiction

This page was a lot of fun — and very unlike anything I’ve done before.  The background was made with leftover paint and ink.  In the foreground, I added layers of magazine words and images, washi tape, and shading, doodling, and writing with gray, black, and white pens.  In the end, it’s a wacky conglomeration of images and words, but I love it!

To tie it all together, I created a border with drawing a wavy line drawn around the edge of the page.  I shaded outside the line with a gray, brush-tipped Pitt pen, and then used the sharpie to draw short lines to create a look that reminds me of corrugated cardboard.

If you look closely, you might see the hand drawn words, “How do you know the truth?” along with “Fact or Fiction” (which was cut from a magazine).

On Thursday, December 19th, I’m teaching a class on Art Journaling with Magazines.  If you’d like to join me, call Scrap Arts at 604-980-8811.


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