Art Journal Page – “Music”

Art Journal music

Music has always been a part of my life, and on this page I told the story of how.  The background was made using my favorite acrylic paint application method: baby wipes!  I then stenciled some white paint on to create the pattern.  I applied a variety of music themed stickers next, and then integrated them into the page by shading and doodling around them.  Lastly, I journaled the story around some of the elements.  To keep the pages from sticking together (which they sometimes tend to do), I rub most of my pages with a white candle to “wax” it.  This makes the page slightly shiny (which is visible in this image) and makes it feel satiny soft.

One more note: some people do not like using stickers in their art journals because they LOOK like stickers, but I believe they are one of many elements that can be successfully used.  The trick in making them work (in my opinion) is to not just stick them on and leave them — instead, I think it’s important to “integrate” them somehow, as I did here with the extra shading and doodling that I did.  In the next few days, I’ll post more journal pages that use stickers and show you other ways to integrate them into your work.


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