Art Journal Page – “Lovely In Lace”

Art Journal pink

I often tear words, phrases, or images out of magazines and incorporate them into my art journals.  When I found the words “Lovely in Lace” in a magazine, I knew I had to use them!

This background was originally a messy pink conglomeration made with leftover pink ink that clung to a stencil from another project.  I used floral stickers as the focal point, incorporating them into the design by softening the hard edges with masking tape (which I used throughout the page), washi tape, and acrylic paint.  I also hand drew around the floral images with a fine black pen, extending the lines of the flowers and leaves out onto my page more, so instead of being contained within the boundary of the sticker the flower parts moved out onto the page in a more dynamic manner.  I added a hand drawn border (using black pen), some journaling and doodling.  When it still seemed that there was too much pink on the page, I dabbed some green paint onto the page (green because it matched the flowers’ leaves).

It’s fun to see a journal page come together!  Sometimes they are messy and busy, sometimes simple and clean.  There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to art journal!


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