Art Journal Page – “To Be Beautiful”

Art Journal to be beautiful

I saw this woman’s picture in a magazine and thought she was so beautiful I had to cut her out!  Sometimes I find a tidbit somewhere and set it aside not knowing when or where I’ll use it, but knowing that it will find its way into a future project.

The background of this page was made using several different shades of gold acrylic paint baby-wiped onto the book page.  I collaged a little bit of text across the top, and stenciled with white paint across the bottom.  After adding the woman’s face and some colour-coordinating postage stamps on the right, I applied charcoal around both and blended it with my finger.  I added small, flat bling stickers (only visible if you click on the image so it enlarges) to complete the page.  Although more simple than some of my art journal pages, this is among my all-time favourites!


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