Art Journal Page – “Find Joy”

Art Journal joy in the simple things

I like this quote: “Find Joy in the Simple Things”.  It’s a philosophy I consciously incorporate in my daily life — and it makes each day a little sweeter.

This journal page began its life like many of my journal pages: with a coat of acrylic paint applied with a baby wipe.  I used bubble wrap (with the super big bubbles) to apply some white acrylic paint circles, and then brushed white paint around the edges to provide a soft border.  I added a couple of vintage photos, and incorporated them into the page with washi tape and doodling.  For the quote itself, I printed the words on my computer, cut them out crooked on purpose, colourized them with Distress ink applied with a blending tool, and then incorporated them into the page using washi tape and doodling.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like using collage — whether it be magazine images, stickers, words, or images.  But when I collage, I often incorporate the glued-on element into the page using one of several methods (here, it was washi tape and doodling).  Sticking the elements onto the page is “part one” and incorporating the elements is “part two”.  It makes a big difference when I include both steps!


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